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Aesthetic filling


Aesthetic filling (artistic teeth restoration). What is it?

It is a chance to restore lost dental tissues reliably and effectively. It is possible to restore up to 4-6 teeth during a single visit. Therefore the changes will be visible right away after the first visit – you will have the smile you are dreaming of!

While performing aesthetic filling procedures, lost dental tissues are restored to suit the natural shape, colour, opacity, surface microstructure of a tooth, even in different lightning conditions. We work using the highest quality (certified) filling materials whose physical characteristics – strength, adhesion to dental tissues, wearing, etc. – equal those of the natural dental tissue, and a large variety of available shades provides an opportunity to restore an individual beauty of your tooth.

After the local anaesthetization you will not feel any discomfort. While performing the procedure a protective preparation technique is employed: damaged and demineralized dental tissues are removed, teeth are not polished in order to preserve their vitality, and easily corrected, if necessary.
In order to ensure durability and quality of the restoration, a moisture resistant rubber – the dental dam – is used while putting fillings into teeth. This method isolates a tooth being treated from saliva, gum fluids and vapour that forms during breathing.

Thanks to all this and, most importantly, professional mastership of the doctors you will have the smile of your dreams!

Estetinis blombavimas

When is aesthetic filling recommended?

Aesthetic filling is performed when teeth are carious, have colour changes, are fractured, worn down, also when one wishes to fill up spaces between teeth or when there is a mispositioned tooth. All this can be fixed by performing aesthetic filling. However, aesthetic filling cannot be performed when a damaged tissue is deep under the gums, the root of a tooth is damaged or there are almost no tissues of the crown of a tooth left at all.
In such cases we suggest aesthetic prosthesis.

How long will the procedure take?

Duration of the procedure depends on the number of teeth to be restored and complexity of the work. If there is a need to restore 4-6 teeth, the procedure may take approximately 5-7 hours. And in order to make your wait less tiresome, you will be offered a pair of video glasses. You will be able to watch a movie you like during the procedure.

In the case of restoration of the anterior teeth, it is necessary to visit the doctor for the checkup in two to four weeks after the procedure. In the course of the checkup the doctor evaluates the result – the colour, adhesion of the filling material, condition of the mucosa, etc. – of the aesthetic filling performed. During the checkup a doctor odontologist, considering your wishes, may offer to do some corrections.

How can I feel after aesthetic filling?

You might feel unusually, some sounds you pronounce might be unclear (especially if spaces between the teeth were filled up, the position of the teeth was corrected or any other complex restoration was performed).

Teeth with fillings might have uneven colour: the teeth are isolated using a moisture resistant rubber (a dental dam) during the procedure, therefore they dry out and noticeable colour differences occur. However, the colour is restored in several days when the teeth become saturated with moisture again.
After aesthetic filling you might feel some gum ache, gums may redden, a slight bleeding might occur when washing your teeth, they may become sensitive.
Adaptation may take up to two weeks, or longer in some cases.
It is not recommended to consume any dying alimentary products (red wine, blueberries, beetroots...) the day a filling procedure is performed on.

How to care for the teeth after aesthetic filling?

Employ standard procedures: clean your teeth with a toothbrush and toothpaste, clean interdental gaps with dental floss. It is not recommended to use a hard toothbrush and toothpastes containing hard abrasive materials (i.e. whitening or containing microgranules), because in such way the polished surface of a filled tooth is worn out faster, the polish is lost. We recommend to take professional oral hygiene procedures and polish aesthetically filled teeth (i.e. to renew the polish of the surface) two times a year.

Durability of restoration

Any chosen method of restoration has its own period of service (it would be wrong to believe that a tooth is fixed for a lifetime).
Aesthetic filling may serve for 8-10 years and longer. However, durability of restoration also depends on efforts of the person himself, i.e. on right teeth care. It is necessary to take professional oral hygiene procedures and polish aesthetically filled teeth two times a year.
Good individual oral hygiene, right teeth brushing with a toothbrush and toothpaste, cleaning of interdental gaps with dental floss will ensure durability of restoration.