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Dental clinics offer many novelties


More and more novelties from the West are finding their way into Lithuanian dental clinics. Innovative technologies help to preserve a pretty smile longer and offer the patients more comfort. The real breakthrough was made by nanotechnologies that have reached Lithuanian dental offices recently. For example, the nano-ionomer, or a filling material which consolidates in the light and provides more durable and smoother surface of a filling, is one of the most important recent novelties introduced in odontological therapy. "In Soviet times fillings were falling out in one or two years of wear, whereas these will last for decades. Moreover, they hardly yellow at all," says Alina Pūrienė, the head doctor at Vilnius University Hospital Žalgiris' Clinic. Furthermore, transparent or white corrective dental arches that are hardly visible are another novelty that is gaining popularity in the state's dental clinics.

Speaking of a patient's comfort, one has definitely to notice video glasses that allow the patients wearing them to watch a movie or listen to the music they like while visiting the doctor. "Patients tend to watch comedies or animated films, i.e. funny products," observed Rūta Jakaitė, a doctor odontologist at "Studio Dentis" aesthetic dental clinic offering such services. All these novelties are changing attitude of Lithuanian people towards the odontologists – what was once a scary event, visiting a dental clinic has become even a pleasant experience now.

Author: Agnieška Narkevič
Source of information:
"Veidas" magazine, June 1st 2009, No. 22